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Elmers Easter Candy

This package contains 24 extra-sized eggs - exceptional for new applications in your elmers, the colors are steampunk, magical, and delicious! Add these delicious eggs to your collection and give them away as part of elmer's easter basket.

Top 10 Elmers Easter Candy

This deal is a top surrogate to get some easter candy in one go! Get two different types of easter candy - the likes of which you can find in any store, the Elmers pieces are 18 mm diameter and the gold brick eggs are 24 mm diameter so they form a fantastic add-on for any easter celebration. This deal is good for 24 pieces each, meaning that you'll end up with: -14 this Elmers easter candy is a dark chocolate gold brick egg melt away 6 new sealed pack, it is 6 pieces and presents an 6 piece heart. It is further new in the box, this candy is best used as a sweet end to the holiday season. This package contains 6 Elmers easter candy eggs, 6 chocolate gold bricks, and 6 egg melt away 6, they are new and sealed in an are you scouring for a first-class alternative to celebrate Elmers easter candy eggs? This splendid deal is available to our customers. Get 3 boxes of Elmers easter candy gold brick eggs at 24 per box, plus, for 72 total pieces, you'll get 24 different treats. So, your little one will get plenty of entertainment and.